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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Personal Tasks Tracker for multiple clients
I use this template for my own time management and task tracking. Working on two companies simultaneously daily, this template allows me to stay on track and manage my time effectively. With the various aspects of my role of digital marketing, social media content, website adjustments, and app rebuilding, I can track all my notes, resources, documents, and links that I need to go along with each task. This helped me organize from the clumsy Google Sheet I was previously using and allows me to keep everything organized. This is a great template for freelancers or anyone working on multiple companies at once.
Getting started tips
You can create tasks as they come up through email or conversations. With the company label you can organize who it's for and also rank it in importance. With the status column this keeps me on track of what the next move is.
"Quick & Simple Task Trackers"
Virginia Buechel
Why we love this template
It reduced the clutter in a Google Sheet I had previously and allowed me to keep a running track of notes that go along with the tasks.
Without this template I would
Probably lose 1-2 hours a week with organization and searching through emails for resources and conversations regarding the different tasks. This template has allowed me to set realistic tasks and timelines.
Hi I'm Virginia Buechel from iScrap App & Rockaway Recycling and this was my story
Hi I'm Virginia Buechel from iScrap App & Rockaway Recycling and this is my story, check it out