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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Manage property projects across cities
I use this template to help me keep track of all the properties with projects. Many properties have multiple steps and take many weeks to complete from start to finish. I can easily add, edit, and quickly view every property that has an active project. Once the project is done, I can archive it and move on.
Getting started tips
Enter a property address, add your tasks, and complete when done. You can add due dates. You can enter contractors you've contacted about the property. You can upload documents pertaining to the particular home. And it allows you not to have to search through many emails. It also allows all your projects to live in one place without have to modify and continuously save an excel spreadsheet.
"It's simple."
James Mock
Why we love this template
I like this template because it's simple. It's easy to look at and navigate between categories and properties. You don't have to have prior knowledge of "Monday" to be able to use it because "Monday" makes it so easy to use. Your boards aren't overloaded with extra links or buttons to press. And anything you upload is kept specific to the property you want.

I also like this template because someone from the outside can easily look at a board, click a property, and see what tasks have been and yet to be completed. I can easily add updates to each task, providing more in depth information which better informs those around me.
Without this template I would
I would probably keep track of things through many different mediums: paper, excel, email, sticky notes, etc. There's nothing super fancy about the template. It makes my job easier to have one place to list properties out and add separate tasks to each property. And I can organize them into different categories, which makes searching and managing the projects that much easier.
Hi I'm James Mock from VPM and this was my story
Hi I'm James Mock from VPM and this is my story, check it out
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