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Jul 2nd, 2018. 3 min read
Tracking potential donors for a fundraising
With easy access, we are each able to jump into the template to update the notes, contacts, attachments, prizes, and monetary information. This has been invaluable in tracking our decisions and changes, while also collecting history for future projects. As contacts change and timelines shift, this template has become invaluable in staying on top of who has accomplished what without overlap.
Getting started tips
The columns organize the information pieces for easy tracking and sorting by the stage, contact date, the "ask," if an amount was dedicated, whom the contact is, and the general timeline. For the stage we use Submitted (yellow), In the Queue (gray), Won (green), Lost (red), Prospect (Blue), and Emailed (pink). This helps visually sort where asks are in the process and what steps would need to be taken next in addition to using the Notes section. With this set-up, the color coding lets you know where a fundraising ask stands at any given time which is perfect for on-the-go meetings and conversations.
"At a glance, I know the most up-to-date fundraising snapshot"
Lemonade Day
Why we love this template
Seamless, interactive, and modern; this template allows our team to work both independently or together to push our mission and vision forward in an efficient manner. In this collaborative space, we are able to stay in touch on next steps and to-do items while adhering to our timeline and deadlines.
Without this template I would
lose track of our contacts, most recent connections, program history, and would add a lot of time that none of us have to the grant application process. This template has made a huge difference in how we operate and has increased efficiencies tenfold. As for recurring projects, it is essential to be able to look back on what worked, what did not, why decisions were made, and what could be improved. The time savings have made a huge impact in our work week and it is hard to imagine how we were operating before this template.
Hi I'm Lemonade Day from Alaska SBDC and this was my story
Hi I'm Lemonade Day from Alaska SBDC and this is my story, check it out
Lemonade Day 2018 Fundraising