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Jul 2nd, 2018. 3 min read
Proposal Request and Management from clients
We use this template for our sales team to add their request for proposals for our development team. Our development team ads the proposal and ask questions, makes changes, and updates as needed to eliminate confusion/errors.

Our sales team can keep up and organize the types of proposals we have for our different products and services.

It aligns and delegates the right person to their tasks to help with scheduling.

Our operations and management team use this to manage projections and see key metrics organized in a very digestible manner.

Once a sale is made we send this to the signed sales board and the client onboarding Process and project management begins.

This alerts us to send an invoice and allow our sales team to see where their project is without having to bother our developers.
Getting started tips
Begin by organizing your products and services into categories and delegate the right people involved to the right products.

Once you have these organized you are able to input your deals and create your classifications as to what your proposal categories are. For example, needing files from your clients or which internal resource you can delegate to get the proposal completed or approved.
"It gives complex companies offering many services and products an easy tool to stay organized and on top of their opportunities. "
Robert Hemmings
Why we love this template
It completely improved our process for handling quotes and managing clients.

We save so much time and eliminated repetitive conversations to allow us to get so much more work done.

Our development team is not wasting time having to speak with sales reps over and over again about their orders.

Our sales team has a portal to put in information and keep up with proposals. It also eliminated having sales reps make mistakes on sending the wrong proposals to clients.
Without this template I would
Be very unorganized and inefficient. When you have so much going on inside one client it can really allow for you to get sidetracked from the other opportunities you have with them.

Being able to search across all of the boards gives a full picture of everything a client is using and interested in. This is so insightful and gives our sales team an upper hand that a CRM just could not do for them.
Hi I'm Robert Hemmings from ofcdesk and this was my story
Hi I'm Robert Hemmings from ofcdesk and this is my story, check it out