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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Tracking implementation / onboarding process
When a new order comes in, we create a new pulse, identify the sales person and installer. When installers see a new pulse, they contact customer, and start the process. When they complete the setup, it gets handed over to Training. Every Monday morning, we use the template to track where we are at, and discuss customers that are falling behind schedule.
Getting started tips
Create a pulse for a new order. Identify the sales person and technical person. Columns should be major steps in the process. Inventory imported. Suppliers setup. Database setup complete. Then, add the Trainer. Training complete. Any special requirements to go live?
"It allows us to see all of our projects in one view, grouped by month, so we can see where each project is at, and which ones are falling behind. "
Scott Thorley
Why we love this template
We changed our business model from selling 4-6 deals a month with 3 day onsite setup, to 16-18 deals remotely setup over 4-6 weeks. At any one point in time, we have 20+ projects in progress. It was impossible to keep track of all these parallel projects with our old tools. How, we can see at a glance where things are at, when bottlenecks are coming up, and we spend time discussing the challenges, and can see that the other projects are on track.
Without this template I would
Definitely be spending more hours as a team trying to keep projects organized. And, it would be very easy for tasks to get dropped. Also, we would be surprised by bottlenecks (i.e. too many shops going live in a single day) rather than see them coming. I also wouldn't be able to see the load on each team member, and who is overloaded, and who can pick up more work.
Hi I'm Scott Thorley from Amsprotractor and this was my story
Hi I'm Scott Thorley from Amsprotractor and this is my story, check it out
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