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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Keeping multiple projecting going internally
Our team is currently expanding our brand from a single book about breast cancer to an entire platform that addresses Health Literacy among multiple diseases.

We are a small, scrappy team, acting proactively, and we needed a tool that would allow us to see where everyone is on each project, deliverable, etc. We have assets to create and build for sales meetings, general self-marketing, and more.
Getting started tips
We use this template hand-in-hand with Google Drive for file storage, sharing, etc. First, start a new row using the Project Number you create and the Project name. Create the line item/task and assign it to your team member (or yourself). Apply the phase that the task is currently in (Assigned, working on it, stuck, done, scheduled), apply the timeline (when it begins and when it is due), apply the time of the day that the assignment is due and the estimated hours you believe it will take.

When the task is complete, the person who owns it will apply the actual hours so we can understand hours it takes overall.
"Easy to use, helpful to track various assignments, but without all the complexity of tracking templates just to track."
Dan Balyint
Why we love this template
Easy to see where everyone is across each client's projects at one glance with either the 'phase' or 'timeline' functionality.
Without this template I would
Be stuck in Excel hell, or trying to constantly get updates from each team member individually (we're not always working in the same office at all times). This is a simple and easy to use solution that can be used no matter where you are in the world, let alone city.
Hi I'm Dan Balyint from Buildingfive and this was my story
Hi I'm Dan Balyint from Buildingfive and this is my story, check it out
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