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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Network Operations Certification Tracking
One of the main things that the Network Operations team is tasked with is certifying new Merchants to except our corporate payment solutions. Since there are several people working on several certifications at a time we needed an easy way to know who was working on which certifications and at what part of the process that certification was in. From a management standpoint it allows us to easily see how many certifications someone is working on at any given time and who has bandwidth for more. From an employee standpoint it allowed each individual to easily track the certifications specific to them.
Getting started tips
We've designed this template so all that's needed to start is simply typing in the name of the Merchant you're certifying and beginning to check off the boxes as you complete each step of the certification process. Once the pulse is created the person assigns that certification to themselves and then everyone knows which certification is assigned to each individual.
"This template helped us to eliminate the use of Excel, Sharepoint and Email to track our process"
Seth Hunkins
Why we love this template
Tracking timelines and the certification process used to be a tedious process that involved several different programs. Even with that no one had a clear picture of who was working on what and at what stage of the process they were in. This one single template has solved all those problems.
Without this template I would
Spend several minutes numerous times a day trying to see who was working on what and if timelines weren't being met. It was also sometimes involved disrupting someones work flow or not knowing the answers as fast as needed if someone was out on PTO. This has allowed everyone in our department to stay informed and up to speed on what we as a whole are working on.
Hi I'm Seth Hunkins from Network Operations and this was my story
Hi I'm Seth Hunkins from Network Operations and this is my story, check it out
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