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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Managing marketing projects for our church
This board goes everywhere we go:
For our New Projects meetings, to understand current workload and proper timeline expectations. We also use it for our Team meetings, to properly prioritize current projects and ensure the right things are assigned to the right people.

Also, for Leadership meetings - a quick at-a-glance look at our current projects, pipeline, and areas in which we need help.
Getting started tips
It's simple. Since we handle lots of communication request and the design projects they require, we have broken them down into types of media (digital, print, social, etc). Simply plug your projects in, assign a lead, enter your deadline, back-plan your production time needed, and get to work.
"It keeps everything within reach and allows for better team communication through each stage of the process."
Randy Doleman
Why we love this template
It works for us. It helps us to track where we stand, know when we get stuck, and celebrate when we complete goals. We share this progress with leadership and also with those waiting on our work. We display this board on a large screen in our office and it helps us stay on top of things.
Without this template I would
I'd still be looking at a halfway designed excel sheet that never really did what I wanted, had no automation capabilities, and provided continual annoyance.
Hi I'm Randy Doleman from FAITH BIBLE CHURCH and this was my story
Hi I'm Randy Doleman from FAITH BIBLE CHURCH and this is my story, check it out