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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Implementation Pipeline Tracking
This tool provides visibility for all the stages of our project delivery pipeline. Starting from the sales side, I like to have insight into what is not closed, but on the horizon. I then created phases for each stage of delivery and can easily move a project between them. Each column reports on specific project-level data. Once I assign a resource, I expect that colleague to take full ownership of updating the project.
Getting started tips
Identify the various stages of a project lifecycle and name those the data bucket headers. Each row represents the high-level item you are tracking and the columns are more granular data such as level of effort, resource assigned, issues, notes etc. Next, get comfortable understanding how items flow through the board. We start with the closed-won lifecyle -> kicked off -> in development -> QA -> Live for our smart speaker skill development.
"It's not brilliant, but it is easy. This replaced our spreadsheet and has been welcomed by leadership for company-wide tracking. "
Max Weiner
Why we love this template
It provides quick, and high-level insights into our delivery pipeline. It's easy to update with a drag and drop, and easier to read. We open it during our Monday company meeting and quickly drill down the buckets and can make changes on the fly. We know it is our source of truth and looks a lot nicer than a spreadsheet!
Without this template I would
Have 5 different systems for reporting and not trust any of them! I inherited a lot of poorly kept reporting tools. I did not want to rely on spreadsheets nor pay for expensive software that I did not need. With this, I would still be responsible for updating the company on project pipeline but lack a tool to point to and provide them visuals/clarification.
Hi I'm Max Weiner from Xappmedia and this was my story
Hi I'm Max Weiner from Xappmedia and this is my story, check it out
Implementation Pipeline