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Jul 2nd, 2018. 3 min read
Track packaging projects into one platform
This boards allows us to integrate a variety of packaging-related projects into one space. This shared space can be used from the very beginning of a packaging projects once we assign a component item code. From this point it is easy to select the different product lines, sizes, specifications, and types of packaging that is being designed. These were often very redundant steps tracked on multiple spreadsheets on multiple-users' terminals. Management can also easily determine the status of a project without having to send an email or interrupting the team while working, this improving productivity.
Getting started tips
To start using this template:

1. Identify the item code and move to the right, selecting the product, size, type of packaging, country, vendor, champion, and start date.
2. Once a PO number is assigned it can be indicated. The start and target dates can be assigned as well.
3. As the project continues through the design, review, quotation, etc. stages it is easy to indicate exactly where we are in the process.
"Because it is simple to use and very clear where the project is at in the process"
Darwin Salls Jr.
Why we love this template
We love this template because it reduces unnecessary additional materials and user-specific spreadsheets that may or may nor be accessible to the rest of the team. In the past the different departments had to interrupt the design team to see where a project was in process. Now, this information is readily available. Since a lot of our products are customized for different countries we are able to see how long it will be before a component is available for manufacturing into final form. Then, sales managers can answer their customers questions faster with more clarity. We think this template would be very useful for other companies once they customize it for their needs.
Without this template I would
Without this template we would go back to the way it was done before: We used a lot of white boards, cork boards, endless excel spreadsheets that were often out-dated as soon as they were created. Updates required several emails between teams and vendors. Sales people were always frustrated with a lack of clarity from the design teams, but not any longer!

We would lose track of a complex system of constant updating and many different component SKU's moving through our supply chain. Now we save time, energy, and endless communications that cost the team productivity and focus. This template has streamlined a very frustrating process!
Hi I'm Darwin Salls Jr. from Scar Heal | Rejuvaskin and this was my story
Hi I'm Darwin Salls Jr. from Scar Heal | Rejuvaskin and this is my story, check it out