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Jul 2nd, 2018. 4 min read
Organize events for our coffee workshops
We LOVE Monday! And we use it everyday. It's the one and only online tool we couldn't go without. We get phone calls all day long and a lot of potential clients request information about our coffee workshops, where we teach entrepreneurs how to open up coffee shops.

Instead of keeping all of their info. on post it notes and in emails that we would send to one another (which is what we did in the past) we now have a space to compile all of their data in a visual, easy to understand process that everyone across the team can access at any time.

Now we can login to Monday and each of us can see exactly where we are in the process and who is in charge of what to do next, instead of wondering who is signed up and whether or not we're owed money.
Getting started tips
It's super easy & fast! We just made a list of all the steps we take to get someone completely registered for a workshop. Then we created a template to match that process, which included everyone's information, which classes they registered for, what their custom pricing was, what discounts they received, etc.

This template is perfect for organizing your roster, capturing data on your clients, and making it simple and quick to track where there are along the process of signing up for your product, service, or workshop.
"It's SO easy to use and visually represents the data instead of forcing us to sift through emails and receipts online in order to find out who has paid and what workshops they are registered for. "
Aurora Myers
Why we love this template
Each attendee signs up for a specific workshop, and we offer custom discounts and pricing based on the number of attendees in their group. So it makes it incredibly easy to keep track of who needs to pay, what their custom pricing is, whether or not we've sent their invoice, and where we are in that process.

There are also several of us that "take on" specific clients, so we each have information that the other one doesn't (what classes the potential client is interested in, what discount we offered them, etc.) The sheet makes it easy for us to all be on the same page, so that way if one of us answers a phone call, we are all up to speed.

The other tricky thing is that each of us is in charge of a different task in the template. For instance, I am in charge of forwarding an invoice to the accounting manager to send to the client, but my co-worker is in charge of sending the pre-class info. Before Monday, it was a mess! No one knew what they were supposed to be doing because everyone has sequestered bits of information. This platform makes it easy and transparent to work with team members to get a task accomplished, because everyone knows what their role is and what the next step is.
Without this template I would
It would be absolute chaos! Right now, we receive dozens of emails a month from different clients that are attending various workshops, all at different prices Each client is at a different stage in the process of signing up (some have paid in full, some have registered but only their deposit is paid), and this template allows us to keep all of that information organized in one spot instead of sifting through countless emails and emailing one another to figure out who has what info. on a specific client.
Hi I'm Aurora Myers from Coffee Business and this was my story
Hi I'm Aurora Myers from Coffee Business and this is my story, check it out
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