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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Training new employees
We use this template to help train our new team members. We sit down with them and explain everything that we expect for training and to also hear their goals. We will put all of those in this template and use it to check task off but also a sign due dates and upload files and use for questions and answers so our conversations are all in one place.
Getting started tips
Take this template and create a pulse for each month. Within that pulse list all the task or objectives you want them to have by months end. We sit down with our team and have them come up with due dates for each task. This way they can see everything that needs to be done now but also moving forward.
"It takes everything and puts it into one simple format!"
Dr. Chris Hill
Why we love this template
This template has been amazing for us because everything is now under one template and website. We no longer have to answer questions through text or email and can now view all those conversations in one location. We can also upload documents for scripts so it’s easier for each of our team members.
Without this template I would
I would still be using our old method. Things would still be falling through the cracks because a sticky note would get lost or effective communication wouldn’t be there because it got lost in a text message. This has been an incredible addition to our team and we are so thankful to have on our team!
Hi I'm Dr. Chris Hill from Credence Chiropractic and this was my story
Hi I'm Dr. Chris Hill from Credence Chiropractic and this is my story, check it out