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May 15th, 2018. 3 min read
Plan all your Social Media calendar posts
I needed a template with all the social media posts I would share a day/a week. I created a weekly template, with empty rows: I just knew I wanted to share twice on Facebook, twice on Pinterest, one time on Twitter, etc.

Every week, I duplicate my template and I start filling it with my posts! I add categories, and also already fill in the status "need design" - so that my designer knows what he has to design.

In the update section, I put my links, my ideas, my text drafts. My designer also posts his ideas directly in each pulse.

It changed my life because I couldn't collaborate with my designer, or know exactly what I wanted to share before. I had to do it in a scheduling tool like Buffer, but I'd never know if I had thought of everything. Then, I had to send an email to my designer... re-writing all these posts in an email was really annoying. Now, I just have my designer put everything on the board, directly. If our content writer wants to add a blog post, she can in a click! Same with our video department :)
Getting started tips
Create a backlog with all your ideas.
Create a weekly group with all the columns you need.
Think of how many posts you want in total, and per channel. Add this info.
Save this group for later (duplicate it and put it at the bottom)
Fill your posts, add all information from your columns.
Subscribe your team to it
Voila! You rock :)
"Plan all your editorial calendar and collaborate with your designer"
Pauline Majer
Why we love this template
It's SO MUCH better than anything else. I just love that I know that I just have to fill everything on the board, and then I'm ready. I love that I have my team on it, ready to give me everything on time.
Without this template I would
Never remember what to post, when, and if I have all assets 🔥 😱
Hi I'm Pauline Majer from and this was my story
Hi I'm Pauline Majer from and this is my story, check it out
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