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Jul 2nd, 2018. 3 min read
Plan and track phases of our web projects
So the template has all the pieces of this 1 major project, and each portion has different team members in a project management role with myself. Each person will update the task with meeting notes, updates on development or anything that may come up.

Once I setup the board, I added the team members that will need to modify/update and trained them (easily I might add) on how to enter in any information pertinent to the project we are on.
Getting started tips did a great job with having something for me to start with, and what I did was took the base and changed it to meet my needs. After that I created some private boards that I could share to stakeholders or others that were interested in specific portions of the project. The ease of this platform makes it such that I didn't need any specific training to begin using, I just jumped in and started to configure it to what I wanted, how awesome right!?!??!
"Its clean, clear and directly meets the needs of the stakeholders and project managers. I can pull this site up in a meeting and use it to direct the flow of conversation or just email it out!"
Brad Menendez
Why we love this template
It's actually something that I wanted for myself in my role, though once I demo'd it to the management to get approval immediately many other managers started to utilize it and that number continues to grow, it's a seamless system that does a wonderful job of keeping everyone notified of changes, which is something most businesses struggle with.
Without this template I would
Have to use a tangled web of nonsense to keep track of my projects *looking at you other PM software that makes more work for me!*, I would have to spend most of my day updating sheets or projects so that I can just repeat that process again and again. With, I've not had to rinse and repeat, after my initial setup I just adjust and update on the fly and all stays consistent and makes my life a joy!
Hi I'm Brad Menendez from OSV and this was my story
Hi I'm Brad Menendez from OSV and this is my story, check it out
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