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Jul 2nd, 2018. 3 min read
Quarterly goals setting and tracking
We use this on a weekly basis to report on progress and update where we are at. This includes making notes, attaching documents if needed, helping each other remove roadblocks in the way, and keeping us on task to accomplish our goals. We also just started adding time frames to this template and plan on using the timeline charting to break down these bigger pieces into bite size chunks.
Getting started tips
The first column is the group of "rocks" or end-goals for the quarter. They are business forward items that typically aren't small tasks. When complete they accomplish a large goal the furthers progress in the business. Typically, you don't want to have more than 3-5 of these rocks at a time.

The "Owner" column is for the person that owns the task. There's a strict rule here: only ONE person can be in charge of a single rock. If more than one person is responsible no one is. Can you enlist the help of your team? Yes. You're just in charge of seeing the rock through.

Status column: this tells everyone where you are at on your rock. We have some fun with ours and create our own Statuses. We update these in a weekly meeting to reflect what our current standing is so we know if we need to help each other push through challenges.

Priority column: this is where we rank the importance of the rocks in relation to the rocks you personally are in charge of. Some need to be done more quickly than others and take precedence over other rocks.
"It's simple and easy! One quick look and you know where everyone is at. If you forget something there are notes on the rocks. If you're rock is particularly challenging it's easy to ask for help."
Nichole Carver
Why we love this template
It's the foundation of all of our other boards. Everything builds off of this one board. We break down these big rocks into smaller ones in our Weekly Tasks board.

It also establishes guaranteed progress in our business. Without this board we'd be floundering in the water without direction or set responsibility. It ensures that we are invested in what we are doing as a company and that we are working to make sure positive changes happen.
Without this template I would
We would definitely be more disorganized. We'd not know where each of us were in regards to company goals nor would we have the means to communicate so easily and effectively. We don't have to stress about forgetting something major when it's all in one place and the whole team has access to it. It's the best gentle reminder anyone could ask for.
Hi I'm Nichole Carver from Rcherbals and this was my story
Hi I'm Nichole Carver from Rcherbals and this is my story, check it out