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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Projects Overview dashboard
We've tried many different project management solutions with the goal of everyone being able to see what projects are being worked on across the company. Kanban boards are the current trend and are great for a single project however not very helpful for seeing a summary of all projects. We created a board on that allows us to see what projects are active with their current state, deadlines, time-frames, and any notes all staff should be aware of.
Getting started tips
Each pulse starts with the name of the project, the project lead, and then status of the following phases: Exploration (scope, research and discovery), Development (planning, ordering, and preparing), Implementation (install, training, phasing into production), and finally Production (check-ins, alerting, extra care with client). These phases should be followed in order and go from no status to "Working on", then "Done". Anything with the status "Waiting" should have a note on why and what's needed to move forward.

Each project then has it's own board if it's a complicated project that can have project appropriate columns and workflow.
"With a single glance anyone is able to see the current status of all active and future projects."
Andre Soileau
Why we love this template
Finding a one page summary of all projects has been a struggle. has beent he best solution we have found.
Without this template I would
Have more meetings and check-ins with staff to find out what's being worked on and what is being held up.
Hi I'm Andre Soileau from P65 and this was my story
Hi I'm Andre Soileau from P65 and this is my story, check it out