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Jul 2nd, 2018. 3 min read
Track status & prioritize projects for devs
We hold "Monday" meetings as a team and come prepared with what has been accomplished in the last week, as well as moving forward one week ( what are you going to accomplish in the coming week.) During these meetings, we check status of projects, any roadblocks, and ensure that productivity is at it's highest.

This "Sprint" template allows all of the developers that are involved to help with any roadblocks, assist with getting over any hurdles, and ultimately keeping one another accountable for deadlines and quarterly goals.
Getting started tips
Our team did some research and modeled it after the 'agile' template from past client templates that were used with success. Even though it did not fit our team exactly out of the box, it did not take too much modification to get it where we are working it to our capacity and it is working like a charm!
"Ease of use and understanding!"
Ray Flores
Why we love this template
Multi-tasking is a not as easy as it is made out to be. However with this "Sprint" template, we are able to track and record progress across the board. This template provides a macro as well as micro view of every project. The template also allows the view of 'after' completion of each project as well, with the 'pulse'.
Without this template I would
...would not be able to keep track of all the projects that are going on from a 5000 foot view. Not only has this template allowed the view of each pulse, but also for the project as a whole. Moreover, it allows our team to be seen on a company level for the amount of work that we actually do!
You often hear things like - " what do they do anyways!", and that is a stab at all of the work that is done behind the scenes. One thing has allowed our team as a whole, is to be seen by all departments within the organization. Without this template and without, we would not be seen, and would be "ghosts".
Hi I'm Ray Flores from LendEDU and this was my story
Hi I'm Ray Flores from LendEDU and this is my story, check it out
Sprint - (two weeks)