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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Production and order tracking of furniture
We're a two-person furniture and home decor shop. We use this board to track orders that come in from various places - Etsy, Amazon, our website, and offline. Having all our orders in one place on helps us keep our shipments on schedule, plan ordering supplies, etc. For online orders, we use email rules to forward to pulses. That way, new orders are automatically added as the come in, no matter where they come from. Using links allows us to easily look at the original easily too.
Getting started tips
Load it and start entering your short (and longer) term projects. Set up some email rules to forward order confirmations from multiple sales channels. As orders come in, fill in the columns and format for visibility. Sort by due date to keep the closest due dates on top. As projects are finished, move them from current to completed to maintain a history.
"It's simple and doesn't require constant updating to stay current. Beginning and/or end of the day is usually enough for our small team."
Kelly Wilbur
Why we love this template
Peace of mind - no project gets forgotten. It's easy to manage. Being a two-person team, it would be silly to spend too much time organizing things. This gives us the right amount of structure to get to work, and get things done, without becoming a full time job in itself.
Without this template I would
Without this template I would constantly erasing and rewriting the same list on a white board, and occasionally making mistakes. I used to track due dates in too many different places. Now is the authoritative source. We also eliminated a lot of paper in our shop. File attachments allow us to add plan drawings to pulses.
Hi I'm Kelly Wilbur from Wilburdavisstudios and this was my story
Hi I'm Kelly Wilbur from Wilburdavisstudios and this is my story, check it out
Production of furniture