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Jul 2nd, 2018. 4 min read
Project Management
As a team of 5 people who organize all marketing assets for 14 hospitality and retail brands, we use our board to outline projects, which brand the project is for, who that project is assigned to, it's due date, and it's priority level.

We outline all design needs within each pule and then check them off as complete. We use our status bar to indicate who the project is currently sitting with, and use the updates within the pulse to outline as information needed for the next team member.
Getting started tips
This template certainly works best for companies that have multiple different brands. The easiest way to get started is to add a project, and then follow along with the board to fill in the rest of the necessary information (brand, who the project is assigned to, due date, priority level).

Once you've created the pulse completely, click into the pulse and input all the necessary information to get started with the project in the first update. Pin that update to the top so you can always reference back to what the original needs of the project were.
"It helps keep multiple projects, across multiple brands organized and concise. "
Melissa Jackson
Why we love this template
This template allows you to organize the open projects you're working with in so many ways. If your work load is skewed toward one particular brand, you can filter your board by brand to see what projects are currently open, who is currently working on each project, and how long each projects has been going on. Or you can sort by priority to see if your work load is unevenly distributed (if one person has all the high priority projects, it might be time to make a few shifts in project managers).

We also use this as a way to file all of our final versions of marketing materials.Within the info box on each pulse, we always upload the final versions of the files so when we need to duplicate them next year, we have the old versions as a reference.

The activity log is also super helpful because we can see who is making changes, and who is not. It is a very helpful way to view work loads, and view people's time management.
Without this template I would
Prior to Monday, we sent everything via email back and forth. This was a poor way to keep track of the workload we had, and Monday allows us to organize everything in one place. With Monday we can see how long a project has been open, who has worked on that project, and what the hold-up is, if there is one.

Without this board, we would all not be on the same page about what projects are the highest priority, who is currently holding the largest workload, and what projects require the most back and forth.

We would also have a harder time identifying which projects are currently in production, and figuring out where each project is individually.
Hi I'm Melissa Jackson from Hightop Hospitality and this was my story
Hi I'm Melissa Jackson from Hightop Hospitality and this is my story, check it out