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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
To track client servicing and policies
We track all sorts of servicing requests that clients request. Things like agent changes or updating records. Keeping track of these things used to be a pain because the information would be in five different areas, but not anymore. This was the whole team is on one page and we can work as one unit.
Getting started tips
Change the names of the clients and then plug in the information needed. Making sure to add dates that pages were sent and then when they need to be followed up on. Keep adding notes because they are your best friend here. When you run into a vender not included or a service we do not have added figure out the catagory it falls into and add it.
"Rather than having post it notes or calendars we can track everything on one page. "
Derek Stakenas
Why we love this template
We love it because it saves the office work as a whole. With this, we can keep track of all our client's service requests to keep them happy. At the same time, it saves us on sending tons of emails to everyone in the office. Since implimenting we have been able to keep track of clients so much more efficiently.
Without this template I would
We would need to update several different calendars for multiple people in the office. Then we would need to send emails to everyone in the office to keep track of who has done what. This was we would all be on the same page. Overall Monday has made us work smarter not harder.
Hi I'm Derek Stakenas from Dowling Consulting Services and this was my story
Hi I'm Derek Stakenas from Dowling Consulting Services and this is my story, check it out
Client policies tracking