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Jul 2nd, 2018. 4 min read
Emergency ticket items from clients projects
This template is used on our team as a sort of 'repository' of the 'fire' ticket items that we have for client projects.
So - in the template we bring in everybody from the team that is needed for our emergency items. The creator of the tickets must also tag whichever member is needed - and from there on - other members can be tagged. In the ticket we add files, many times we'll have conversations, file attachments, checklists, etc. It literally hosts everything we need for small emergency tickets that we might have.
Once the items are completely done, it is routed to me, and then I'll archive the ticket to clear it from the system. The number of items in the template changes all of the time, but for the most part, we try to keep it under 8 items to make sure that we're handling everything as quickly as possible.
Getting started tips
The template is fairly simple, not even complex - but it rids the need of so many things for virtual teams (or teams in an office.) The biggest part about getting started with this template is making sure that the entire team is on the same page about how to use the template. It's necessary - for the purposes of how we use this template - that everyone is keeping the items moving. Once a ticket goes stale - you've wasted time that you could have been efficiently spending on knocking out the tasks.
Basically, once you get the template - you can see in your notifications if you've been tagged or added to any items within the template. If you've completed your notifications - you can create any items needed from your end - or make sure that the tickets that you've been included in are being routed in the right place.
We use the different colors within the columns to show where the ticket lies within getting done. It will give us different flags based on where that item stands in the list.
"Simple, effective, efficient!"
Justin James
Why we love this template
I like this template so much because its so simple to understand, but it was massively impactful on our workflow of a virtual office.
This was maybe one of our first templates that we began using - but it was the one that showed us that mondaydotcom was worth it. This knocked out multiple tools that we used, kept things documented, allowed me to see daily progress, and kept emergency items handled in a timely fashion.
I'd use this template - along with the many others needed - as one that stays at the top of your screen. It's one that you'll be in daily, and it's one that will make you smile!
Without this template I would
be taking a step back in my business progress. I'd also be using multiple tools, email, and browsers to track multiple items and I'd lose time and efficiency. Losing time and efficiency causes client issues, makes us lag behind when we need to be progressing forward, and makes us a team that doesn't add up to our potential. A long story - short - we'd lose money and clients.
Hi I'm Justin James from Way James + Co. and this was my story
Hi I'm Justin James from Way James + Co. and this is my story, check it out
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