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Jul 2nd, 2018. 4 min read
Work on weekly tasks for the operations team
My team manages online content. We are part of the operations team and often wind up wearing many hats so the tasks we have from a week to week basis are sometimes eclectic and sometimes routine.

We use this template to set out tasks in weekly meetings. If tasks arrive during meetings through out the week we add them and make sure they are in the current sprint or the backlog. We set dates on the tasks that have heard deadlines and use the hours tool to make sure our goals for the week aren't too lofty or too sparse.
Getting started tips
Use a backlog group to lay out your ongoing projects or tasks you've been meaning to get around to. Assign them to members of your group in the owner column (add a helper if it's a two-man job.) Try to give most of the tasks an approximate amount of hours and a tag if possible so they can easily be sorted.

When planning for a week, sit down with your team and drag the pulses you want to work on that week into a group for the week. Use the hours column and the owner filter to make sure no one's plate is too full or super empty. Add due dates whenever possible and set the urgency on the tasks to help your team know what to work on first.

At the end of the week, anything that isn't done should be moved to the next group for the next week or back into the backlog if it's stuck.
"Nothing falls through the cracks. "
Briana Shucart
Why we love this template
Everything is in one place and there is total transparency for the team. You don't have to ask what anyone is doing, just look for the "working on it" status. My team loves it because it gives them independence too. They don't have to come to me after each task and ask what's next. They know what needs to get done and what is urgent, so they can make their own decisions about how they get it done. It makes team meetings worth my time because every action item gets added to the board.
Without this template I would
Get a lot less done. I have at least five different teams asking for my help on projects from week to week. If I didn't have a place to store all these tasks and see what I can work on and what needs to be worked, I wouldn't be nearly as efficient. It's also really motivating to see clearly what is on the docket and marking pulses as done is really satisfying. This template has also helped improve communication within my team by leaps and bounds. It's easy to know where the answer to any question is when it's all within the pluse.
Hi I'm Briana Shucart from Parkwhiz and this was my story
Hi I'm Briana Shucart from Parkwhiz and this is my story, check it out
Tasks for the operation team