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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Fleet Management
Before we started using, tracking info on our company vehicles was chaotic. We never really knew which tech was driving which van at anytime, because they switched vans often. We would have to dig through files to find vin#'s or repair receipts. We didn't know which vehicle inspections had expired. We didn't even have a system of naming vehicles, we would say things like "the old white van". With Monday, we gave each vehicle a number and we attach any paperwork that goes with the vehicles. Everyone now has access to the vehicle info, so we don't have to ask several people to answer a question.
Getting started tips
Pulses: Each vehicle has it's own pulse where we store all info on the vehicle. We assign each vehicle a number and that is the name of the pulse.
Groups: We use the groups to organize the vehicles into the different departments within the company. We also have a group for past vehicles, once a vehicle is sold.
Columns: We use the columns to identify which employee is currently is driving the vehicle, inspection expiration dates, license plates numbers, etc.
Status: We use the drop-down status column to easily update the current driver of the vehicle.
Updates: We use the updates feature within each pulse to attach photos, receipts, titles, insurance info, etc.

"All the info you need is in one place and everyone in the company stays in the loop. "
Tara Rambo
Why we love this template
We love it because we have transitioned to a paperless, remote office but we are more organized now than ever. Even our most computer illiterate employees find this template easy to use and communicate with.
Without this template I would
Without this template we would still be digging around in filing cabinets trying to find records. We would have to call around to several people before we found the person that could answer a question. We would have employees driving around with expired inspection stickers.
Hi I'm Tara Rambo from Air Force One AC and this was my story
Hi I'm Tara Rambo from Air Force One AC and this is my story, check it out