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Jul 2nd, 2018. 3 min read
To show all the projects for the year
This template tracks all our projects at a glance and helps keep track of budget and purchase orders, and allows us to link to a detailed template for complex projects. We add as much info as we have for each projects fields. We export the template to share with staff who are not part of the management group. Team members add updates the the pulses for simple projects or to the details templates for complex projects.
Getting started tips
We add a pulse for each project and organize them by months. We assign a primary user who has the responsibility of adding to the pulse with updates and budget information, as well as the project dates. Our project manager updates the status so our director can see at a glance where we are on any project using the app on his phone. We add the PO number and budget amounts as the project progresses. We include the vendor who we are working with and the department affected. As each month ends, we move unfinished projects to the next month and collapse the months but often review them later.
"It is a single easy to read one stop to see what projects are in the works and where we are at as well as plans for the future."
Ben Allen
Why we love this template
This template has the most important information in a summary and allows us to keep track of everything that is going on with the 17 departments and countless projects that are always happening and makes it easy to communicate the status to the rest of our staff by exporting it and sending them the template.
Without this template I would
Go crazy trying to keep everything together. With MS Project, everything is dependent on due dates and deadlines which change often in our environment. This template allows the focus to be on the projects as a whole and our role in them without clouding it up with all the minutia, so that management can see at a glance where we are, and reduces call from our director for status updates.
Hi I'm Ben Allen from EQC IT and this was my story
Hi I'm Ben Allen from EQC IT and this is my story, check it out
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