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Jul 2nd, 2018. 3 min read
Communication tool between office & shop.
We work in the construction equipment rental industry. At times, we have up to 20 pieces of rental equipment going out, with multiple people in the mix. There are (4) call-takers receiving rental calls. This program has helped to ensure we don't double up on rentals. We are able to connect with the guys in the shop without having to call/email/text them to interrupt their work. It's a huge time saver for the office as well as the shop. We used to use Google Calendar. The emails would get lost and the calendar would get difficult to read when there were multiple pieces going out on rent.
Getting started tips
We (the office staff) use our pulses to create a "to-do" list for our shop guys. This way everyone in the office as well as the shop knows who is renting what and when it's going out. If the office personnel isn't sure what equipment will be ready, the guys in the shop have the capability of filling in the blanks and letting us know what equipment we should use. Again, this program has almost eliminated internal phone calls/text messages/emails between office & shop personnel. Big time saver. We use the labels to communicate who is working on what and then they're able to tag it as "ready" (GREEN). Bright pink is what the office uses when we first enter the pulse, so the shop knows it's something they need to act on.
"Easy to use communication tool between office & shop personnel, nearly eliminating the need to call/text/email one another - HUGE time saver!"
Larissa Indrebo
Why we love this template
Prior to using this program, it was a struggle of communication between the office & shop personnel. The people in the shop had trouble knowing exactly what the office had going out on rent. Even the office personnel had a tough time knowing what one another had going out on rent. We would even double up on rentals - not good!
Without this template I would
We'd still be struggling with the communication of our outbound rentals. A lot of phone calls were missed in the office because the office personnel were in the shop trying to figure out what equipment they could use for their rental. Now it's all done on MONDAY!
Hi I'm Larissa Indrebo from RENTALS and this was my story
Hi I'm Larissa Indrebo from RENTALS and this is my story, check it out