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Jul 2nd, 2018. 3 min read
Keep track of new projects
We use this board to alert our development team when a new project has been approved by our client. A lot of our services are repeat business from existing clients so we use this tool to signal to our team that they have a new project.

Our team transfers the pulse from our Request for proposals to this board to alert our team that it is time to get started.

This board also tracks the invoice and project status for our sales team to keep up with where the project stands and if there is anything holding this project up.

Using the team selection tool it allows us to delegate tasks and the project manager for different things that need to get done.

We organize this by product to help us with the delegation of team members that manage certain products and services.
Getting started tips
Start by inputing your products and services for your company and pin point the different roles that will be managing a project after it is sold. We use project manager, sales rep, and a third management role who can oversee the project.

Once you have this done you can begin to input your projects that are currently under production and mark the stages they are at within the different options that can be selected.
"It acts as a resource to keep up with what is currently needing to be completed and the status of each of our projects. "
Robert Hemmings
Why we love this template
It is kept separate from our request for proposals and it helps to signal to our production team that they need to get started on a project.

We transfer these from the request board to give the background and information for the project so we do not waste all of the time and energy to have internal meetings, emails, and time consuming activities.

It also helps our accounting department to send invoices automatically without having our sales reps to makes multiple request to multiple departments.
Without this template I would
Lose a lot of time for my sales reps to be working on deals.

We would still be having to request and take over 2 hours to do the admin work for new projects.

Categorizing it by product eliminates a lot of questions and confusion that our team has struggled with in the past so now we have a very clear direction to where we need to be.

Our accounting department would miss some invoices from our sales reps forgetting to send them.
Hi I'm Robert Hemmings from ofcdesk and this was my story
Hi I'm Robert Hemmings from ofcdesk and this is my story, check it out
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