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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Track campaign for Creative Marketing Projects
We use this to track progress on creative strategy, print, web and other assets that are being ideated then built. We add in a new group type, then add in a pulse for each project within. We make sure to add in information from the past, as well as adding in supplemental info and images to help start brainstorming and evolving the project. We update on our own throughout our days, then review together during weekly meetings.
Getting started tips
Add a new group for a big project/campaign/event, then add a pulse for an idea or sub-project. The more you can add got supporting visuals or details the better. Assign a team member, add a date and start updating on a frequent basis. Tag in team members within a pulse for direct feedback.
"Simple for creative projects"
Kristine Robinson
Why we love this template
Our ideas evolve numerous times through a project, so it's great to see in one Group of pulses, all the work we put into something. We also move pulses around easily to collaborate once an idea has changed or applies to another group of pulses. We also have many phases which makes this template useful from a creative standpoint.
Without this template I would
Not be as creative of a thinker! It's hard to ideate and organize at the same time, but here it is simple.
Hi I'm Kristine Robinson from Eyeking and this was my story
Hi I'm Kristine Robinson from Eyeking and this is my story, check it out