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May 15th, 2018. 3 min read
My team shift board
Managing a team of 16 people and growing, that work in shifts covering 24/7 can get hectic and messy. I created this board to bring order to the mess. The team uses the shift board daily, to get an understanding of when they work or who they are working with and keep notes and make important announcements on the day with the updates section. I go in bi-weekly to post the shifts, I always make sure the team knows when they are working for a minimum of 3 weeks ahead. Now there are less calls about when a team-member is working, if they can take a day off, if they can switch shifts; all the shift communication is centralized on this one board.
Getting started tips
It was simple getting the team onboard, by using the person column, they received notifications as soon as I assigned them to the board. Each column is a person column, the title of the column is the shift times, each pulse is the day of the week, and each group is the week. I started the communication with the the using the board, creating a "Talks" pulse for conversations. It was really import to me that we keep all shift related conversation on this board, so when someone spoke to me f2f, I asked them to also add it to the board.
"Finally see when everyone is working in a visual way"
Effie Arman
Why we love this template
We were using an Excel sheet to create the shifts and our team Whatsapp group to send the shifts to everyone. So, shifts got lost in conversation threads, people forgot when they were supposed to come in, Excel was not always updated with changes, it was a HUGE mess.
Without this template I would
Lost with trying to keep up with over 15 people's schedule. I can easily see when someone is working, but also they can see when they are working.
Hi I'm Effie Arman from and this was my story
Hi I'm Effie Arman from and this is my story, check it out
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