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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Manage Mortgage Pipeline.
Allows multiple employees working on the same file to monitor progress and communicate within the file, simultaneously keeping records. Additionally, these boards can be shared with referral partners, to keep them in the loop and ensure they know their clients are being shown the attention they deserve. Within the mortgage business, this template is used by loan originators to store their notes, and then assign the file to the loan processor. Once the processor owns the pulse, the can start checking all the boxes and showing the files progress. All notes on the file are stored on the pulse, so everyone in the company can read the history and know what has gone on with the file.
Getting started tips
Just name the pulse after your lead, assign an employee, update the first column. I would also recommend copy/pasting any email correspondence from the customer into the comments in the pulse to show a history of communication.
"Keeps loan officers, processors, and realtors on the same page"
Why we love this template
Keeps loan officers, processors, and realtors on the same page
Without this template I would
Be frustrated lol.
Hi I'm C K from CK and this was my story
Hi I'm C K from CK and this is my story, check it out