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Jul 2nd, 2018. 6 min read
Daily Task & Ongoing Project Management
Ford Media Lab is a creative agency comprised of a small team of marketing strategists and content experts. Our "Action Board" template is used for individual task and time management.

Every member of the Ford Media Lab (FML) team has their own Action Board with six groups of pulses based upon the Getting Things Done® system: Inbox, Next Actions, Waiting For, Future Actions, Projects, and Someday/ Maybe. All work-related tasks flow through an individual's board to completion or gets delegated (moved) to another team member's inbox.

Before utilizing and creating this template, we relied upon our email inboxes, calendar reminders, sticky notes, pen and paper lists, and our faulty/distracted memories to prioritize our work.
Getting started tips
Our Action Board template is fairly simple and has the following six columns:
-Description of Action or Project
-Priority (Low, Medium, High)
-Status (Not Started, Working on it, Stuck, Waiting for review, Done)
-Time Estimate (How many minutes to complete task)
-Date (for use on Future Actions and Projects only)

To understand how to use the groups effectively, it definitely helps to read about the Getting Things Done® system created by David Allen. Plenty of resources are available online in regards to the GTD system. David Allen's books helped our business create a system to get organized, and gave us a modern and convenient tool for implementing it.

It all starts with the Inbox group. All work-related ideas and tasks are added here as they occur. This way all potentially actionable items are captured in one reviewable place. The goal is to then completely "process" the entire list each day by determining what is immediately actionable, what is actionable at a future date, what is what needs to be delegated, what is an ongoing project, and what needs to be discarded.

Is an inbox task actionable today? Move it to the "Next Actions" group and assign it a priority and time estimate. It should be a daily goal to move all tasks in this group from "Not started" to "Done" by the end of the work day. At the end of the day, all completed tasks are then archived to achieve a clean slate.

Is an inbox task actionable on another day? Move it to the "Future Actions" group and assign it a priority, time estimate, and date to be moved into "Next Actions." Everything in this group must have an future date assigned to it.

Does something in the inbox require multiple tasks over time to complete? If so, then it is likely a project. Move it to the "Projects" group and add the first necessary task to either your "Next Actions" or "Future Actions" board. Projects remain here until completion, and serve as a reminder to always have an actionable task elsewhere on the board relating to the next step in its progress.

Have you completed completed a task but are now waiting on someone else's response to determine further action? You can either change the status of the task to "Waiting for review" or move it to the "Waiting For" group to help clear out your "Next Actions" group. The "Waiting For" group serves as a useful catch all for items that will likely need follow-up.

Lastly, we've included a "Someday / Maybe" section to serve as a place to move tasks, projects, and ideas that are not actionable, but should perhaps be revisited in the future.
"Simple, yet highly effective, this template collects all your work-related ideas, tasks, and projects, and organizes them into a meaningfully prioritized actionable list. "
Kyle Ford
Why we love this template
Our work-flow has moved away from being purely reactionary to being strategically proactive. Our Action Board template provides each member of our team with a bird's eye view of all work that needs to be done, sets task priorities, and ensures project completion. Thanks to's modern platform, we've been able to evolve our old pen and paper to-do lists in many useful ways. We can easily see what other team members are working on, add tasks to other team members inboxes, easily share files and feedback, and even edit our boards on the fly via the Android app. We now regularly find ourselves with more time on our hands to focus on additional creative and strategic endeavors, a happy side-effect of improved work-flow efficacy.
Without this template I would
...most likely be lost and buried underneath a pile of work, not knowing where to start to dig my way out. Using this template to organize all of my daily tasks and ongoing projects has provided an incredible amount of clarity on how to best get things done. Thank you, Monday, creating such a seamless platform for bringing useful task management to life (and, for no longer being a stressful day of the week).
Hi I'm Kyle Ford from Ford Media Lab and this was my story
Hi I'm Kyle Ford from Ford Media Lab and this is my story, check it out
Kyle's Action Board