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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Create a Customer Beta Program + Launch plan
We are start up company that is entering the travel rewards space. Our company enables you to earn travel rewards miles by doing thigs you do everyday: on-line shopping, buying gas, dining out, etc..

To ensure that this idea works, we needed to create a beta testing program. In order to organize our thoughts and tasks, we utilized to keep us in order.
Getting started tips
First, we used a template. Second, we started with big picture topics, and then widdled them down the tasks and columns.

From there, we organized the columns and tasks by colors.
"It's easy to use, duh!"
Andrea Griffin
Why we love this template
I like that it's clear and maneuverable. I can make adjustments to existing templates in order to better tailor the project to our needs. Additionally, as we move through the project, we can remove or add columns.

Plus, who doesn't appreciate color coding! It makes it that much easier to see the tasks.
Without this template I would
Ugh, it would be suckful to not have this template.

We would definitely be using google drive and email in order to keep track of what needs to be done and what is done. With that, I imagine there wold be a huge was of time and a bit more confusion among the team members.
Hi I'm Andrea Griffin from Airgo Miles and this was my story
Hi I'm Andrea Griffin from Airgo Miles and this is my story, check it out
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