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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Track staff assignments and dates for events
During the sales process of each event, we track the need of staff and reach out to freelancers and subcontractors to hold the tentative dates for each event. As we move forward through the process, we keep the names, dates, and roles updated as people availability changes and as the needs of the events shift.
Getting started tips
Start by setting up each venue, or group of staff members, into groups of pulses and treat each pulse a person. Track if they've been contacted or not, if they are available, if they have the dates on hold, or if they are confirmed. Set the dates to each person's start date and end date and if there is travel involved, include those dates, so your labor doesn't accidentaly book other jobs over yours. Add columns if you need to include agreed rates, lodging info, flight info, etc.
"Bring efficiency and organization to the staffing process. Combine the updated information in one location, and keep your team up date throughout the process. "
Greg Cornell
Why we love this template
This template brings us organization and efficiency to our staffing process. We can't afford to have multiple people booked for the same role. We frequently have more than one person filling out the staffing list, and this keeps everyone on the same page. This is a simple, straightforward template, and keeps us organized in an easy manner.
Without this template I would
Without this template I would be relying on tracking individual emails and conversations with each individual person, using excel docs, not be able to share with my teammates without concern of versioning, and would be more likely to have details fall through the cracks. This simple starting point has taken our level of professionalism higher in an easy-to-implement way.
Hi I'm Greg Cornell from ArchiteX and this was my story
Hi I'm Greg Cornell from ArchiteX and this is my story, check it out
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