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Jul 2nd, 2018. 4 min read
Log all incoming customers in our showrooms
Rebarts Interiors is a small business dealing with Interior Decorating, mainly specializing in window coverings. We have 15 employees across 3 showrooms, 1 office and a warehouse. The same client will have multiple interactions per day with multiple employees and we needed a way to track each interaction. We have a crm platform that just wasn't robust enough for what we needed and we couldn't assign people tasks for clients. This template helps us keep all our thoughts organized.

Every client interaction(calls, emails, in person meetings) gets tracked through this template. If something needs to be assigned it's assigned through this document and alerted in real time to an employee in another location. It also serves as a tool for us to go back and see the last interactions we had with a client and what we've done for them.

Getting started tips
This template only works as long as every employee is diligent in filling out all interactions they have with clients. When someone calls in or comes into the showroom we log it into this template and if they need something assigned to do an employee will be assigned. All our client interactions during the day to day are logged into here starting with the client name into the header. From there the headers are fairly self explanatory. We have custom tags we use for problem clients or high touch clients and we make sure to assign it to someone if they need to be notified or need to answer any inquiries.
"Instead of calling people to see what happened with a client, sifting through emails. Trying to get ahold of people to get an answer about a client this template alleviates all the hassle."
Bart 4 San Diego
Why we love this template
This template was at first not well received since it was deemed as too time consuming to log all interactions, even if it was just a quick summary of their conversations. Once we started using it people realized that it was a lot easier to run our business knowing what customers came in or called about in one quick to find area. It also was a way for us to communicate better in a sea of lost emails and chasing people down with calls and voicemails. There was one instance where a client came in asking a few detailed questions about a product they saw in our showroom and if it would work in their specific situation in their home. They didn't expect an answer right then and there, but while they were looking around the showroom an employee filled out a post on monday and assigned to one of our technicians who was out on the field in a clients home. They got an answer immediately. This was almost unheard of prior, since communication and quick answers were a roadblock for us without having to give a full explanation over the phone and send an email with detailed pictures.
Without this template I would
We would probably be stuck with an antiquated CRM system that didn't have any notification settings or task manager settings for us to use. Monday makes everything easier for us because of it's quick to learn interface that has worked wonders for our company. Everyone from our delivery truck drivers to installers, office people and sales staff find the interface easy to use as well as effective for our business.
Hi I'm Bart 4 San Diego from Rebarts Interiors and this was my story
Hi I'm Bart 4 San Diego from Rebarts Interiors and this is my story, check it out
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