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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Marketing calendar for real estate promotion
I plan our property marketing in the Planned Posts section so team members can see what's coming up and make suggestions, provide input, and review file uploads. The Published Posts section doubles as a record of all marketing activity per property and per channel. The colors help us see at a glance what channels we're using the most. Before we signed up with, scheduling and tracking the marketing of 40+ properties was tedious, time-consuming, and almost impossible to collaborate on effectively. Team members now have access to all the information they need, 24/7.
Getting started tips
Customize the columns to suit your needs. Edit the Status, Category and Channel presets. Try adding tags! The date range feature might be more useful to your team.
"A marketing planner, file sharing tool & activity record all in one."
Joyce Wismer
Why we love this template
Using this template lets me sleep at night. As the marketing coordinator for a busy real estate team, I no longer fear forgetting a promised post or ad. It takes just seconds to add to the planning section, review published marketing, reschedule posts, or export data for a client report. File uploads directly to each pulse have eliminated the need to email attachments to everyone!
Without this template I would
Without this template I would definitely lose track of each property's marketing activity and spend many hours reacting to unhappy clients or searching email threads for the information I need from my team. Combined with the "search everything" function, we can all see - on demand - when and where each property was marketed and use that information to make decisions about future marketing placement. I refuse to live without this product!
Hi I'm Joyce Wismer from Kalamaras Group and this was my story
Hi I'm Joyce Wismer from Kalamaras Group and this is my story, check it out
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