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Jul 3rd, 2018. 3 min read
Track status of our leads and customers
Our team used to use "TeamWork" software. It was hard to use and never updated because it took so much time and energy. We have found that was so easy to update and use that it has become an essential tool for our team!

We track here two types of customers:
- Potential customers that we are currently in conversation with.
- Customers using our software (won deals)
Getting started tips
Our board has all this information:
The person that makes the decisions for the potential customer company.
Who in our company is responsible for following up with the potential customer
Last Contact Date - Date of last call or email
Contact Again Date - Maybe the contact person is on vacation or says check back on this date.
Contacted Via - Email, Mail, Call
Have they seen a Demo? - Our goal is to get the potential clients to see a Demo, so this is a yes, no, or scheduled answer
Proposal - What we proposed as pricing for our software and or equipment
Payment - The payment the client made
Est # of Parcels a Year - Volume of Parcels
Input Contact Info - Checkmark shows I have all of their contact information filled out completely
"Shows me who I want my customers to be"
Aaste Palczewski
Why we love this template
I love these template because my team and and I know exactly who we need to contact and where we are at with potential clients. Our big goal is to Demo our software, so selling a Demo is huge! I love the instant visual this board gives us, as we win over clients, we will start adding more potentials to our list so every client is attended to!
Without this template I would
Still be writing leads on sticky notes - and probably loosing out on a lot of deals. I would never know when I last contacted a potential client and not have any organized notes on what we talked about with the potential client. I really cannot imagine our work lives (or our personal lives) without
Hi I'm Aaste Palczewski from Lostcabincapital and this was my story
Hi I'm Aaste Palczewski from Lostcabincapital and this is my story, check it out
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