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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Project & Account Management
We use this board to keep track of all the accounts that we have open projects for. Each pulse is assigned a 'Lead' and 'Support'. These are the account managers and designers accordingly. We use separate, project-specific boards to manage all of the subtasks that associated with each project, but this board allows us to see how all the projected project timelines stack up over the quarter, so we can effectively allocate time.
Getting started tips
We group this template by Quarter. Some of the key columns to note are Estimated Timeline, Due, Projected Hours, and Actual Hours. We love the timeline feature for the ability to see everything spread out over the quarter. It allows us to quickly see where we have some flex and where we can fit new incoming projects. Projected vs Actual hours are critical for us, and our account managers keep those columns current so we know if anything is starting to drain or is ahead of budget.
"It's an quick snapshot of our accounts with some powerful data to back it up."
Matthew Anderson
Why we love this template
We're big on tracking our progress and using data to validate performance and goals (target hours, income, deadlines, etc.). This template consolidates all our project management into one place, makes key data accessible. It the perfect hub for our team, and keeps us on track to meet our quarterly goals.
Without this template I would
We'd be losing a lot of time per week due to less-effective project management. Before switching to Monday, there was a lot more stress associated with organizing and keeping track of projects. We've been able to streamline our workflow to be more productive, which means we can take on more work while also minimizing the stress of management.
Hi I'm Matthew Anderson from 8-bit Rex and this was my story
Hi I'm Matthew Anderson from 8-bit Rex and this is my story, check it out
Project Management