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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Project documentation
I setup and schedule jobs with multiple team members, need to go back, completion, and documentation of job progress. My employees can keep record of locations, photo documentation of wire locations, and any other construction documentation related to our trades. We can also include project managers as guests so they can add any notes that we may need.
Getting started tips
Set a job name for a project. I also include address, builder, contact name for the property. Add a date that you have it scheduled for, if you need to schedule back to it. The job status is an overview of what needs to happen to the project to move forward.
"Saves me 20 phone calls a day, chasing down answers for clients at the end of the day regarding progress"
Why we love this template
Simple, effective, and lets my employees know they're being heard. I can include project managers on as guests so they can see where we stand with a project, eliminating our need for an email or phone call at the end of the day. They can also review our notes, and add any notes they feel we might need.
Without this template I would
Have to make multiple phone calls, track emails, and make less prepared decisions regarding scheduling. I would spend less time improving our company, and expanding our team. I would have to hire another person to manage the field operations while I managed the client/office side of things. Everybody on my team uses this template for various reasons, with all the information being centralized.
Hi I'm Dan from Genesisautomationinc and this was my story
Hi I'm Dan from Genesisautomationinc and this is my story, check it out