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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Check off and task list for projects
We were constantly having to send one another messages throughout the day through yahoo messenger and google hangouts. We couldn't keep up with all of the tasks this way so we needed to find a way to keep a check list to know that patients and projects were being followed up with completed.
Getting started tips
We basically created a check list, set up different areas of either progress: "needs attention, in progress, competed etc." Then we'd assign it to a member of our team and we could all view it and add notes to it as needed.
"So simple to use "
Theresa Lim
Why we love this template
Everyone could keep up with all of the tasks at hand and it was so simple to use. Forget post-its! The doctor couldn't keep track of which patients he needed to follow up with or emails he needed to respond to. He also had a way to ask us to follow up and keep track of our projects.
Without this template I would
I wouldn't be as organized and would have tons of post-its all over my work station. The doctor would be aggravated because he wouldn't be able to keep track of which patients needed to contacted. Our team would not be able to flow without keeping in constant contact with one another and following up with patient needs.
Hi I'm Theresa Lim from Eric Martin Team and this was my story
Hi I'm Theresa Lim from Eric Martin Team and this is my story, check it out
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