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Jul 3rd, 2018. 4 min read
Tracking production progress
In a custom kitchen and commercial millwork business, keeping track of each project is key. Everyone can see in a quick glance where exactly each project is in the construction or planning stage. The employees know exactly which project they're going on to and when it is scheduled to be completed. Any notes or documents are attached in the notes. Also very useful for looking up older projects in case of a service that is needed later on.

This replaced a giant white board and our full team meetings have been cut by 75% leaving more time for actual work to get done.

We can track everything for quoting projects, order details, production status and any issue that arise in any of the areas.
Getting started tips
The groups of pulses coincide with how our facility is laid out and the areas each project gets completed in. The commercial projects are in one part of the building, residential in another and counters in yet another.

The columns are pretty straight forward and they line up with each step in our production process. As the projects pass through each stage the respective employee marks "Working On It", "Done", etc and it keeps things very easy and quick to see where the project are and if everything is on track. Since all the employees are responsible for marking the status of their section, there is very little overall board upkeep.

Different colors for different status's also keeps thing easy to glance at. Red always means there is a problem. Green is good to go!

The punch list section is for jobs that are quick and don't require our full process. We also use that for jobs and need little fixes and add-ons once the main job is already delivered. The check box feature in the notes is crucial for use in this group.

Keeping track of all finished projects is a great way to go back and get details if needed at a later date. No one is guess for a kitchen color or style, everything is listed exactly there.

We do not use this for billing but we have added a billing column just to go over at a quick glance and see if anything needs to be followed up with. A great addition for our accountant and their billing software.
"Easy to setup, easy to maintain, easy to use and much more efficient! "
Chris Pino
Why we love this template
It helps keep everyone on our team in the loop. Everyone has all the info they need at any time. Projects are completed on time. Issues are resolved more efficiently and accurately. Details are not forgotten. Our entire operation is much smoother and refined now.

There is much less chance of information being lost or mis-remembered when using this board.
Without this template I would
We would be back to the old giant white board and weekly meetings. All the employees would have to come into the office to see where each project was in the production stage. We would be so much less efficient and accurate in almost every way. Nothing gets misunderstood, all the details are in writing and everyone is on the same page.
Hi I'm Chris Pino from Goebelwood and this was my story
Hi I'm Chris Pino from Goebelwood and this is my story, check it out
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