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May 15th, 2018. 3 min read
Easy Editorial and Blogging Planning
I run our blog and plan all its content. I needed a flexible but thorough way to plan out our posts each month. The challenge is: things change on the fly, but I need to connect with our design team to plan all the visual assets we'll need for each post.

Each group is a month. I plan out a tentative list of topics I know I'll need to cover, but it's easy to drag and drop things to another group (or to a group I call "No Man's Land") if and when things change. In the columns, I've mapped out all the stages of the blog post: writing, proofreading, images, and keyword optimization. The "category" column helps me make sure I'm writing different types of content and giving all our categories enough love. Originally I only had the "category" column and through trial and error (mostly error) added the other columns over time.
Getting started tips
Schedule a weekly meeting with the design team (or a designated designer) and go over this board together. It will only take 10-15 minutes to discuss what you have planned and is totally worth it to keep everyone synced.

Our team is really small, but if you have multiple writers or designers on your team, you can easily add a "person" column next to every column to keep track of who's doing what. You could also add due dates for each step to make it even clearer for everyone.
"Flexible planning for your whole editorial process"
Laura Binder
Why we love this template
I used to find it so cumbersome to not only keep up with changes to my schedule, but then communicate those changes to the design team. I found myself always behind schedule and asking them for images last minute, which wasn't fair to them and not fun for me. Now, there's no drama. I have the flexibility week to week to make changes, but I still feel that I have my design needs covered.
Without this template I would
lose track of everything! When do we publish a blogpost, do we have designs, is everyone on the same page for sharing it on our social networks?
Hi I'm Laura Binder from and this was my story
Hi I'm Laura Binder from and this is my story, check it out
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