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Jul 3rd, 2018. 3 min read
Track City Council agenda items and projects
When I first started in my position, I came in to a mountain of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that needed to be updated on a daily and weekly basis. Among other issues, it was super frustrating when one person would be working on the file and not close it, which meant whomever else was working on the file had to save it as an alternative version and remember to go back and merge them. What a mess! When I found, I was looking for an alternative to multiple Excel spreadsheets, but also a way for our City Council members be kept up-to-date on the status of projects so they could confidently respond to citizen inquiries. Now that each Council Member has their own log in, they can quickly and easily see the status of City projects. My former boss (who has now moved on to another city) has even integrated a spreadsheet on the City's website so citizens can see the status of projects for themselves.
Getting started tips
We wanted the template to be easy to read, so it hits all the basics! Priority coloring increases from low (yellow) to medium (orange) to red (high). Completed projects are moved to the Completed Projects group. Also a great resource to refer to when the Mayor is creating his State of the City Address!
"It gives elected officials and residents a snapshot of where their tax dollars are going!"
Miranda Lutzow
Why we love this template
We love this template because it keeps us organized, focused, and on track to efficiently completing projects! The fact that it can be updated in real time by multiple people and also viewed by multiple people simultaneously is a game-changer. It is easy to pick out projects that are on hold so we can have a discussion on how to move them forward.
Without this template I would
Things would definitely fall through the cracks. Especially when it comes to public infrastructure projects, there can be a lot of moving pieces and it's great to have one place where all the details are kept. The gaant chart feature gives a great overview of our workload, which allows us to better delegate for a better workflow. And I now have the confidence in knowing the status of every project, and can follow up with the project manager if I need more information!
Hi I'm Miranda Lutzow from City of Waterford and this was my story
Hi I'm Miranda Lutzow from City of Waterford and this is my story, check it out