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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Event organization
We have so many projects and tasks going on on a daily basis, and sometimes it's easy to miss small details when it comes to event planning. The template we created on makes it brainless so that instead of having to run through a mental checklist every time this event comes around, we're already running full steam because we know everything that we need to get done.

It made it easy to distribute tasks amongst my team and keep track of what needed to get done, what was next, and what was completed. Putting events together and making them successful requires teamwork, so to make sure we're all maximizing our efforts and not all working on the same tasks, this template makes it easy to know who's doing what.

Getting started tips
This template has the skeleton of everything that went into our event, from ordering promotional items and designing advertising material to be printed, to scheduling email marketing campaigns and post-event surveys. Event planning entails a lot of deadlines, so using this template makes it easy to prioritize what tasks need to be done.
"This will help you get your brain running with ideas of what you'll need to go into putting together the perfect event!"
Jocelyn Pascual
Without this template I would
Without this template, I'd keep reinventing the wheel where it isn't needed every time our bi-annual event rolls around! Planning alone can take hours, and using this template eliminates that first stage of event-planning. I can't tell you how many times we've remembered small details at the very last minute, adding panic and stress just days before an event. Now with this template, we can run through all the stages of event planning without worrying that we might have missed something.
Hi I'm Jocelyn Pascual from Skin Perfect Marketing and this was my story
Hi I'm Jocelyn Pascual from Skin Perfect Marketing and this is my story, check it out
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