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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Catalog Management
We are able to give a clear over view with all steps needed to complete with multiple team members. Each step is designed to move the pulse from the bottom of the top. We also have a "GO Green" Initiative where we want to have all step green for launch.
Getting started tips
This has been an evolving template over the last 6 months to meet the needs of the multiple growing departments who collaborate across this board. The current status of the board clearly defines how each member roll as needed between media, copy and backend work. The First step is most crucial to getting this right. We set a template pulse to replicate that pre fills out all the needed information. In the comment area we usually add pricing, brands and all media assets. What is nice about this is that you can easily see what members have seen what. This leads to a higher accountability that email just cannot provide.
"Quickly and easily see product launch lifecycles. "
Zachary Stern
Why we love this template
We are able to launch products quickly and efficiently. The board is linked to our google calendar for easy notification of due dates. Best of all it does this automatically and keep everything synced so our teams stay synced.
Without this template I would
Spend way more time trying to get information about product status and lifecycle of launching. At this point all I need is 5 mins max to see where everything is standing. The 3 departments working in this board have found a much smoother transfer of information and higher levels of completion with fewer mistakes.
Hi I'm Zachary Stern from Dfvapor and this was my story
Hi I'm Zachary Stern from Dfvapor and this is my story, check it out