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Jul 3rd, 2018. 3 min read
Track progress on our property renovations
We centralized all our communications, document sharing and status updates on this board to great effect. It helped us define our processes and coordinate very intricate rehab projects on dilapidated properties as we prepared to flip, rent and sell them.

We handle every aspect of the life of a rental property from purchase to sales and beyond, so it became a nightmare not knowing what projects we were working on, where money was going, what the timeline was, etc. and so forth. It requires hundreds of touches without a system... phone calls, texts, Voxers... super messy. This board helped us get over a huge hump in our business.
Getting started tips
Define what statuses you need to progress through the process. Our info runs with info Left-to-Right and properties Top to Bottom through the process. We grouped property pulses based on what phase of the project they were in. Once the right conditions were met we moved them through each group until they were sold. We always knew what was required as the team only had to deal with critical info on the immediate left of the board.
"It's a great starting point for managing documents, discussions and centralizing knowledge on a very involved process. You can get as much or little info as you need depending on your needs."
Why we love this template
Super simple, everyone knew what statuses they needed to change and as things were completed we progressed the process. If we decided more info was needed we just added a status along the line and kept moving. If there were holdups it was easy to inquired and start pushing things along where needed.
Without this template I would
...have probably lost my mind. Our team was a mess before centralizing all our knowledge in this way and with some trial and error we got to a very useful template. We have lost a lot of money with projects we couldn't keep track of the expenses for, or track of rehab timelines. The handful of team members with critical info could easily add info or be asked when needed to keep moving our fast-paced business along. Super transparent, easy for us all to use and keep moving along with. Love it!
Hi I'm Kolin from HRRE and this was my story
Hi I'm Kolin from HRRE and this is my story, check it out
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