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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Marketing and Advertising
I mainly use the template and it is available to my team for reference. This is to keep me up to date on where we are on marketing our trips, what we have done recently, and what we are planning to do. My team is able to go in, look at the month, and see exactly what marketing projects we are working on, where we are at with them, and if finished - what the final project looked like.
Getting started tips
Outline what your goals are for marketing each month. Once you have your outline, it is easy to keep track of and do each month. I have a general goal of how many projects I want to do on each marketing outlet (Instagram, Print projects, our client newsletter, etc.) From there, I am able to use my template to create my outline for the month.
"I am a visual person, so the different colors and easy to click on links keep me focused and on track every month. "
Meg Mariani
Why we love this template
It is easy for me to input what I am doing, and easy for my executive team to look at and see what we are doing monthly. Visually it is very easy to follow which is a big upgrade from our old Excel document that was hard to read and too big that my executive team would get lost looking at.
Without this template I would
Without this template, I would most likely not stay up to date on my marketing/advertising goals and projects. Our Excel project management before this was hard for me to follow and a pain to keep updated. Our trips depend on our marketing/advertising. If I don't stay up to date, we won't have the attendance we need and will ultimately not meet our income goals. If we don't meet these, I will not get my yearly bonus which depends on our marketing goals.
Hi I'm Meg Mariani from Golbon and this was my story
Hi I'm Meg Mariani from Golbon and this is my story, check it out