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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Preconstruction Job Board
We track the status each project internally on Monday / Friday with either leadership on Monday or department staff on Friday. We also use it to share information about upcoming or past projects with external subcontractors in a read-only format. It eliminates the need for marketing followup calls from subcontractors as well as getting them prepared for future work we might have upcoming.
Getting started tips
It pretty simple, just add projects as information becomes available. Allow information to be processed fluidly as it is developed. The headings of Future Projects, Bidding and Post Bid give the users the ability to drag and drop projects as they move throughout the preconstruction or design process. Additionally, we track the outside team members involved so we know how much business development resources to provide.
"Design/Preconstruction tracked in real time. "
Joseph Strub
Why we love this template
Its out there. Everyone can use it and update information without the need to call, email or meet about changes or new projects that occur. It eliminates the need to communicate the simple things and allows us to spend more time with our owners, architects and subcontractors talking about real issues.
Without this template I would
We would rely on email to communicate this information in an excel format. It would be asked at random times and would interrupt the work flow of the group. Ugh, it hurts just thinking about going back to the old way of doing it. Nowadays, anyone can get the information exactly when they need it.
Hi I'm Joseph Strub from MEDCO Preconstruction and this was my story
Hi I'm Joseph Strub from MEDCO Preconstruction and this is my story, check it out
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