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Jul 3rd, 2018. 3 min read
Production Flow
This board has been an amazing tool for our entire team to have a visual of where each job is at in production and what jobs are on the "que" for next week. As an elevator manufacturer, we have a very in depth process flow with various components and departments passing the jobs along through each stage of manufacturing. This includes engineering, metal fabrication, cnc machine cutting, powder coating and finishing, assembly all the way through billing and shipping coordination. has saved us so much time and headache as well as an additional employee or two on the payroll.
Getting started tips
Create your product categories "in production" for your top groups followed by the same product categories "in que" below. Customize the columns for each department or stage that your product will need to travel through as well as what features or components will be included. Using the status columns, you can tag assignee's to a checklist that they can check of on to confirm they have completed the work to be done on that particular status column. Have fun with it and make it your own! We have this board set up on a large monitor in our warehouse so that everyone can see in real time where every job and upcoming job is which drastically cut down on questions and meeting as well as confusion. Make is clearly visible for your team to be able to reference.
"It brings every department together on one board in a beautiful visual chart."
Kris Blackwell
Why we love this template
It saves tremendous amount of time, meetings, email and phone calls by bringing everyone together in one coordinated effort. The fact that everyone, including shop floor personnel without computers, can see at any time where we are at with each job in the manufacturing process makes everyone feel like we are a team and helps us be on the same page. It also creates excitement when they can see the upcoming jobs where before they were unsure if we had any jobs on the books for next week.
Without this template I would
Our efficiency and accuracy would would greatly decrease and we would not be able to sell as much product because we would be keeping up with logistics. Before this board we were struggling to come together and meet shipping deadlines and the whole process was stressful and cumbersome. We have one meeting a week now on Fridays to move pulses up from the que and start Monday all on the same page for the week's goals!
Hi I'm Kris Blackwell from PLI and this was my story
Hi I'm Kris Blackwell from PLI and this is my story, check it out
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