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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Manage our organizations quarterly goals
The directional leaders of our organization meet weekly to provide updates on the quarterly goals they have been assigned. We use the notes feature to answer the same set of questions each week, we use a column to provide a percentage of compeletion, a timeline to see where we are in the quarter and how many days we have remaining. We also assign/tag directors when appropriate.
Getting started tips
I got started by browsing some sample templates. We use a group for each ministry AND for the goals we have for the year. Each person is assigned a color in a column so they can quickly identify themselves in each group to where they are assigned to own or help on a goal.
"This template is all about the goals of the organization. It visually helps us find where we are assigned and percentage of completion on each goal."
Matthew Wilson
Why we love this template
This template allows each team member to consolidate their ministry goals on the same template. We love that we no longer are working in silos as an organization but more in sync. This template allows us to cross over into other ministries and allows everyone to know what is going on in the organization.
Without this template I would is exactly what we were looking forward. Without it we would be paying for another service with features that we don't need or would use. This has saved time, productivity and without it we would still be working in silos as an organization. We're also able to put our goals in one location and see the progress in how they are accomplished.
Hi I'm Matthew Wilson from summitcrossing and this was my story
Hi I'm Matthew Wilson from summitcrossing and this is my story, check it out
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