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Jul 3rd, 2018. 4 min read
Social media posts
This template has a couple of different purposes. The most important is for me to assign and task the various topics we address in our ministry on facebook and instagram. Those posting can login to to see what has been assigned to them.

Not only can I assign members, I can keep track of when a post is published and know who will be publishing and what they will be publishing in the coming month. The the Monday board allows me to not only communicate with other team members but it serves as a checklist for me to keep us all on track.
Getting started tips
I assign an owner based on the day of the week (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc) that person is scheduled to post on facebook or instagram. The "Publish Date" column helps to identify the date a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc day of the month it falls on. The Status column allows those with full access to update if their post has been published or if they canceled their post or are stuck, etc. The "Department" column identifies what department is responsible for a post. This is redundant, but it also helps us posters to identify (the color mostly) that the pulse and task belong to us. It is an alternative communication method since we tend to overlook what we are used to seeing. The subject is usually assigned when the monthly group of pulses is created. This ensures we focus on a variety of topics, hopefully to keep our audience engaged and also allows the coordinator to see an overview of the topics being discussed for the month. The "Media Source" column is used to ensure we have a variety of media keeping things fresh. For instance, videos, pictures, articles and such. The "Link" column helps to provide the assigned poster a quick reference for posting, otherwise that poster needs to do some searching to find something within the topic and media listed.

Using colors helps to keep focus and as we begin to associate certain colors with certain topics, media, and status' we will read the board more efficiently plus break up the monotony of seeing the same thing repeatedly. The team members involved consist of some full access members and other who are guests. The board allows us to communicate on a specific pulse without having to interrupt with a phone call or clutter our inbox's with emails. The board serves not only as a checklist for the coordinator but for all members with some access.
"It streamlines many tasks into one location."
Mindy Lefaucheur
Why we love this template
It streamlines tasks, keeps me on track, and allows those of us who have access to communicate in one location. This is important since all the members on our team are in different locations. Some of us work from home or in different center locations. The template is simple and clean, it works for our needs and saves us time from having to collaborate over a phone call or send endless emails.

This template is for you, especially if you are a list maker, have team members in multiple locations and are unsure of how to get a good social media plan started.
Without this template I would
Without this template we would have endless lists with scribblings of changes and would have to rework all this info each month. We would spend more time talking and less time working. It keeps ideas fresh and as we think of new things we can download them into a group of pulses as ideas to consider. It keeps us organized with all our info in one location.
Hi I'm Mindy Lefaucheur from LifeChoicesTN and this was my story
Hi I'm Mindy Lefaucheur from LifeChoicesTN and this is my story, check it out
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