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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Marketing project management
Our team, which is preparing to ramp up and grow very soon, uses our monday board to keep track of the hundreds of projects that are flowing past our desks each quarter. Without it, we'd be lost or relying on clunky spreadsheets like the Excel doc we used to have before moving to an equally cumbersome Google doc.
Getting started tips
It's pretty straight forward. We log in every job in the month we need to be starting work on it. We assign the owner in our office, the status (from "Needs Assigned" to "Complete"), the Project Type, the Due Date, and the person who made the initial request (the outside owner). Then, we've got a series of columns for various pieces--like "do we need creative direction, copy, a mailing list, etc"? We finally wrap it up by asking if this project will have a social media piece to accompany it. After that, it gets dropped on the timeline so we can see the time period where it is to be worked on. This helps us avoid traffic jams and over promising delivery dates. As "owners" work through a project, they'll add notes so we can all see quick answers to questions we might have. The owner will also set up their own tasks related to the job on the task board (a separate sheet).
"It's a very simple design that gives us everything we need to know at a glance while still allowing us to add detailed notes and see what we're missing when we need it most."
Anthony Fossaceca
Why we love this template
It's made us far more productive and kept us from losing projects--something that was happening way too often before.
Without this template I would
Probably be looking for a job :)

Seriously, this template, and, have simplified our workflow process with an easy-to-use tool that still allows us to expand later without having to start over. Need a new column? Add it! Have new project leads? Make them owners! It's the one tool I was searching for my entire life!
Hi I'm Anthony Fossaceca from CSU Advancement Marketing and this was my story
Hi I'm Anthony Fossaceca from CSU Advancement Marketing and this is my story, check it out
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